Alessio Macrí // Visual Designer

“Hard work is simply the refuge of people
who have nothing whatever to do.”

― I have nothing whatever to do.

I’m not an “award winning” designer, I don’t talk about myself in third person, I don’t like most of the things I design after seeing them twice, I often pretend to know what I’m doing. But I love working in teams to conceptualise, refine and deliver meaningful products at scale, and delightful experiences. I’d like technology to empower human intellect and relationships, rather than make us distant and dependent. It should be unnoticeable, effective with no effort, then disappear.

I love branding, books and printed objects, tactility in visual artefacts, and the holistic approach on product experience. Work aside, I love food and wine. That’s why when I’ll retire I’ll open a restaurant, and it will be amazing. I love messing up with bikes and cars, and sometimes I take pictures.

I’ve worked with brands like Octagram, That’s not nice, Pear, Jonny Bubù, Theresa March, Hipsterlly, and my work has been featured on my own portfolio. My CV is on ⇗LinkedIn, on request I can also provide a barchart with my skillset. I currently live and work in London. I’m not a social media person. Always happy to chat.

Email ― scrivi☼
LinkedIn ― ⇗alessiomacri
Instagram ― ⇗fritturacroccante

So call me, maybe…